Structural Adhesives based on MMA Technology
For all fields of application where structural adhesives have to be used. This means also help in design, material and adhesive choice, method of application and final process optimization.

Engineering Adhesives
For all fields of engineering applications: PUs, Silicones, Anaerobics, Cyanacrylates, UV curing adhesives, etc. for sealing and quickfix requirements.

Dispensing Equipment
For all kind of multi component applications, from small cartridge guns up to big bulk dispensing machines and also for robot applications. This includes as well the previous SULZER Mixpac DX series, purchased by Mayer in 2012!

Static Mixers and Accessories
For all fields of packaging and dispensing applications: Two component cartridges, static mixers, nozzles and other accessories.

With our in house application engineering laboratory we are able to help and serve our clients with mechanical stress tests like lap shear-, peel-, wedge-, pull- and fatique tests as well as climate tests like kataplasma-cycle-test and others.